Posted by: asianfilmreviews | January 2, 2010

A perfect time for K-pop parodies!

A general rule of thumb in entertainment that should be discernible to just about everyone is that whenever something is popular, or whenever something strikes a chord with the general, mass-consuming public, a slick parody could do just as well. And in 2009, the absolute dominance of Korean pop music provided fertile ground for some hilarious videos!

First up, we’ve got Dirty Eyed Girls, composed of the lovably effeminate lads from 2PM (the hottest time of the day!) and 2AM, doing their parody of Brown Eyed Girls’ song Abracadabra. Catch the parody underneath the original video. Caution: I am not responsible for any involuntary hip-swinging on your part while watching the original video:

You’ve really got to hand it to Brown Eyed Girls. After wallowing in obscurity, they completely reinvented themselves and, with the help of perhaps the catchiest dance this side of the Macarena, they shot right to the top! Here’s a bonus video of the Dirty Eyed Girls getting a surprise visit from the parody victims themselves, as well as the extra 2PM members. I can practically SEE my girlfriend swooning over Nickhun right now… That’s fine, though, because I think Ga-in looks amazing!

Next up is another video with those ridiculously good-looking bastards from 2PM. Their most recent MV, Heartbeat, is making the rounds and making girls everywhere (and maybe even some guys) fall over in fits of excessive passion! Luckily for the rest of us, a fan-made parody does the whole thing one better!

I’m becoming more and more fascinated with the K-pop explosion, so expect more posts in the future! In the meantime, drop me a line if you stumble across some other good parodies. Happy viewing!



  1. oh no am i corrupting you!!

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