Posted by: asianfilmreviews | June 22, 2009

Edits and corrections

A slight edit to my review of Speed Scandal beyond correcting typos and grammatical errors. A very lovely and close friend of mine from South Korea kindly pointed out that Cha Tae-Hyun’s character is not a former TV idol, but is instead more of an idol wannabe. His character is is hoping to get a commercial contract, so naturally a scandal would be bad news. Those who have been to South Korea or who have access to Korean TV know that commercials are literally littered with celebrities and idols. Everyone from Rain, to Jeon Ji-Hyeon, to Jang Dong-Geon advertise a wealth of products and services in high profile manner. So, correction noted. Here’s to native speakers!

More reviews coming up, including a Kiyoshi Kurosawa twofer to start things out. First is his take on loneliness and isolation with Pulse, followed by a review for his latest film, the Best Film winner at the 2009 Asian Film Awards, Tokyo Sonata.



  1. also points out that she very much enjoys reading your reviews on Korean films – so here’s to a good-eyed reviewer! 😉

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