Posted by: asianfilmreviews | March 9, 2009

Tragedy strikes Korean entertainment yet again

In a sad bit of news, South Korean actress Jang Ja-Yun was found dead in her home of an apparent suicide on March 7th. This marks the third suicide in the entertainment sphere in the past eight months. In early September, actor Ahn Jae-Hwan (안재환) was found dead in his car by what appeared to be asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. Reasons for his suicide are rumored to have stemmed from his business failures and subsequent massive debts. Not long after, popular actress Choi Jin-Shil (최진실) was found dead in her home, having hanged herself in her bathroom. It is thought that she took her own life after nasty rumors surfaced and spread on the Internet about her involvement with the late Ahn Jae-Hwan in that she loaned him money to help pay off his debts. Though good friends with Ahn’s widow, Choi denied any involvement with his business dealings. This prompted the South Korean government to push for legislation which would allow for the prosecution of indivuals who spread malicious and threatening posts on the Internet. Rightly so, if you ask me. While it appears that Jang’s death is attributed more to depression than outside influences, that in no way diminshes its impact and tragic nature.

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