Posted by: asianfilmreviews | February 9, 2009

The End of Asian Horror Remakes?

After its second weekend of release, Paramount/Dreamworks’ The Uninvited stands with a total box office of just over $18 million (courtesy of The remake of Kim Ji-Woon’s (김지운) beautifully performed and visually stunning film A Tale of Two Sisters (장화, 홍련), The Uninvited looks to finish with around $25 million domestically, continuing the downward trend in box office receipts for Asian horror remakes.

Here’s how they stand, again according to the excellent boxofficemojo:

  • 1. The Ring – $129 million – 2002
  • 2. The Grudge – $110 million – 2004
  • 3. The Ring Two – $76 million – 2005
  • 4. The Grudge 2 – $39 million – 2006
  • 5. The Eye – $31 million – 2008
  • 6. Mirrors – $30 million – 2008
  • 7. One Missed Call – $26 million – 2008
  • 8. Shutter – $25 million – 2008
  • 9. Dark Water – $25 million – 2005
  • 10. Pulse – $20 million – 2006
  • 11. The Uninvited – $18 million – 2009

What does it all mean? It shows Hollywood’s continued inability to move on and adapt, preferring instead to produce copy-cat thrillers with zero intelligence and no cultural significance. That remakes like Shutter and One Missed Call were two of the lowest rated films of 2008 (Shutter was 7% fresh according to review-tracker while One Missed Call had a whopping 0% in favorable ratings) should be a sign to studios, but how can you get through to people who still greenlight utter crap like Disaster Movie and Epic Movie?

I remember watching the remake of The Grudge in theaters back in 2004 with Japanese friends of mine. Their laughter during the scariest parts was pretty telling. Afterwards, their unintentionally blunt responses, due to their limited English-speaking ability, could be summed up as the following – “that was stupid.”



  1. I can only hope that the terrible remakes come to an end. These flicks just aren’t translating well and play much better in their original form. Shutter is one of my favorite films and I have yet to overcome my fear of seeing the american remake. I prefer to keep my memories of that movie pure and clean! HAHA!

  2. Thanks for the comment, hagiblog. Here’s hoping uninspired bite the dust once and for all!

  3. Not a problem! Maybe as these terrible remakes make less and less money we’ll actually start to see less and less of them. Fingers crossed.

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